Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gentle Ease Formula Review

When I had my daughter I tried 4 different kinds of formulas. That is why when I had my son I already knew what formula I was going to use! I use Gentle Ease. I won’t use anything else.

See I breast feed my babies at the beginning but it didn’t last for one reason or another. I found that Gentle Ease is actually patterned after breast milk. It helps babies who suffer from fussiness and gas problems. It has reduced lactose and partially broken-down proteins. This helps babies with digestive problems.

My daughter suffered from what appeared to be spells of Colic. She also was constipated and it caused her a great deal of pain. It broke my heart to watch her grunt and turn red trying to go. We noticed a difference after we changed her formula to Gentle Ease like our doctor recommended. She seemed happier and more content. She went to the bathroom easier. Her feeling better made us feel better.

Sometimes you can find free samples and coupons of this formula if you are just interested in trying it out. There is a coupon for a sample of Gentle Ease available on the Enfamil’s website here right now. Just keep in mind that using it just 1 time won’t create instant results in your babies moods or indigestive problems. It took my daughter a few days of using this formula for us to tell a difference.

The down side to this product it the price. It is worth the price but it is expensive. That is why I suggest looking around for coupons. It is about $24.99 for a 24 oz can of powder based formula at BabiesRUs.

I am very please with this formula and I have since recommended this product to many of my mommy friends.

You can find more information at enfamil's website .


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