Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Call for Sponsorship

This is a great PR opportunity for companies. This is how it works!

A company contacts us about doing a review, they send us the product, we review it, post our review on our site giving them all credit and links back, and we keep the product for this service. This means advertising for this company and all it cost them was a product they wanted reviewed.

A company contacts us about doing a giveaway, they send us the information to host the giveaway, we put it on our blog, then when the winner is chosen by I send the sponsor the winners information, and then the sponsor sends the winner their winnings. This generates great advertising for the company because I require the participants to go to the company’s website and tell me another product they would love to have or something about the site. The participants get extra entries for blogging about the giveaway, twittering the giveaway, signing up for the companies newsletter, following the companies twitter, Facebook and blog, making a purchase from the company, following my blog, subscribing via email to my blog, following my twitter and Facebook, and grabbing my button. This helps generates interests, promotes companies, and promotes my blog.

A company can contact us to do both a review and giveaway. This helps generate lots of interests for that company and my blog.

A company can contact me about advertising on my blog and we can negotiate a fair price for this. With giveaways and reviews my blog should generate lots of interests so readers will see the advertisement.

This blog accepts donations on the giveaways and reviews page. Click on the donation icon and donate via PayPal. This will help pay for giveaways for this blog!

This is a great opportunity for companies to get noticed!

You can view my blog here.

Email me at if your company is interested.


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